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Hello, I'm John, I'm a portrait artist from Ayr in Scotland. Thank you for visiting my site. I believe in a more personal commission experience and as my client, you will have regular contact with me to ensure your finished artwork is of the highest quality and meets your expectations.

I send portrait work to clients worldwide but I also offer services including tattoo design, landscapes and more.

I specialise in pencil drawings but paintings are available in some cases.

Please feel free to browse the site. For more information on pricing, shipping or to ask me anything else, see the info and contact section or use the social media links at the bottom of the page. I'm happy to answer any questions you might have.


Below are the 4 main services I provide.

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Up to 16x12 inch.

Baby portraits, pet portraits, all my work is hand-drawn upon request and I always strive to deliver a striking likeness of your loved ones. Moments are immortalized to enjoy for years to come.

Usually 3x5 and no larger than 6 inch.

These portraits are tiny when compared to my standard sized work. They work as the perfect "something different" to give as a gift to friends or family. Framed at no extra cost.

The majority of my commissions and whether it's an ocean scene, landscape or maybe a building that means a lot to you, my passion is in making your ideas and memories come to life.

Aside from traditional portrait and landscape work I also offer intricate, hand-drawn tattoo design. I will work with you to get your ideas on paper in the form of highly detailed sleeve or back pieces.

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