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Wildlife, Landscapes & Miscellaneous.


Highland Cow #2 - Pencil

The second in my Highland Cow portrait series. This piece depicts the iconic Angus, chewing some grass. minding his own business. I finished the drawing in 17 hours using 2H, HB, and 2B graphite pencils.

Original size 10x06".


Limited Print Run. 100 of 100 Remaining

original (20).jpg

Toys Unloved #1 - Fox - Pencil

The first in my "Toys Unloved" series aims to highlight an issue that is not being stamped out quickly enough. That's right, it's the severe mistreatment and abuse of plush and plastic companions that's going on behind far more doors than anyone likes to admit. This Pencil drawing measures 05x07" and depicts a very unloved Fox.

original (1).jpg

White Husky - Pencil

Original Sold

This is my pencil drawing of a white Husky alongside a hillside forest. The original measures 14x12" and is based on a photo by Marek Szturc.

original (2).jpg

Highland Cow #1 - Pencil

Original Sold

My pencil portrait of a Scottish Highland Cow. 05x08".

(Scottish Gaelic: Bò Ghàidhealach; Scots: Heilan coo).


Limited Print Run. 97 of 100 Remaining

original (3).jpg

Self Portrait #1 - Pencil

Original Sold

This was drawn in pencil and measures 08x08".

I tuned the camera settings to show every single imperfection and pore, even though they wouldn't be this visible if you saw me face to face. The point is they're there so I made them visible. I wanted to show myself as raw as possible. If a camera could pick it up, it went in.


Limited Print Run. 98 of 100 Remaining

Lion - Pencil

Original Sold

I wanted to try something a little different for my latest original so I decided to draw this relaxed, yawning lion as a long, thin strip.

The drawing took a total of 18 hours over 2 days. I completed the piece using only 6B graphite to keep a strong contrast throughout.

Original size 12.05x03.05".

Limited Print Run. 100 of 100 Remaining

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